Location: Louisiana
    Your Disability left A K
    How long have you been an amputee? 20+ years
    How did you become disabled? Dancing with a train
    What type(s) of prosthesis do you use? total knee, with renegade foot
    About Me I'm just another tax paying victim. Got two dogs and great woman.
    Music It's easier to say what I don't like. Country music.
    Movies Where do I begin? Gladiator, 300, From Hell, Army of Darkness, Devil's rejects. Top 5.
    TV sons of anarchy
    Books James Patterson. John Grisham
    Likes Living life to it's fullest every day. Life is a blessing not a curse.
    Dislikes Rude people, stuck up people, typical A**Holes
    Hobbies learning how to cook new things. bbq is my new favorite.
    Heroes wounded worriers
    Here For Not Specified, Dating, Friendships, Networking, Relationships, Hookups
    Relationship Status Committed Relationship
    Orientation Straight
    Children Maybe Someday
    Body Type Athletic
    Height 6'1"
    Religion Not Specified
    Ethnicity Undead
    Smoke No
    Drink No

    rock and hard place

    Friday, December 21, 2012, 5:23 PM [General]

    My old leg is giveing me blister and my new leg does'nt fit right.  Ahh. Got appointment for next week to get new leg adjusted. I got the 6mm wintergel and its to tight. Guess I get a another socket made. 

    Merry Christmas

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    broke prosthesis today

    Saturday, February 18, 2012, 5:47 PM [General]

    I broke the pylon on my leg.  Never broke that part before. Luckly I didn't fall this time. One good thing about being an amputtee for a long time is that i have spare parts from old legs. I had to use a pipe cutter to make the correct adjustment.  I can remember being young and thinking it was the end of the world when I broke my leg.  Now I just pick myself up and get the ducktape out.

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    I understand how you feel when the kids point it out There parents look at you like Oh No did you just hear that?! But you know what I feel so much more confortable around kids because they are real. They dont care to ask what happened unlike the parents who act like its taboo to talk about it. But it is sooo funny to see there faces!

    December 30, 2011
    10:58 PM
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