Looking for a good book or two to read on a yucky Fall/Winter day?

    Thursday, October 24, 2013, 12:37 PM [General]

        Since so many spam postings here about Nike shoes and a number of other things have been permitted over the past six or eight months and since Josh relentlessly plugged his book a few years back on this site, let me take the (shameless) opportunity to plug two of my own recent releases for all Less Than Four readers.  If you're looking for some good reading materials for those upcoming yucky fall and winter days/weekends, let me suggest the following.  

          Are you seeking for something  with imagination, action and adventure to fill you "dinosaur void" and are you tried, if not outright frustrated, about waiting until June 2015 for a sequel to Jurassic Park? Spielberg and company have been searching for a suitable script for 11+ years, Recently published, “Re-Creating the Cretaceous: A Tale of Survival” is the real thing. It’s an original story which runs circles around the JP sequels and which more than holds its own against the original JP novel. This is a story which Hollywood does not want you to read. Based upon the most recent DNA genome research, its story is not only well researched but also plausible. Forget the splicing of dino DNA with amphibian DNA, extraction of dino DNA from mosquitoes preserved in amber, and the cloning of lysine deficient female dinos. “Re-Creating the Cretaceous also introduces numerous recent discoveries of new dino species and incorporates them into its tightly woven story. For the very first time, it also introduces numerous species of marine dinosaurs in a realistic manner. Available now from all Amazon sites worldwide, as well as Barnes & Noble online and in Nook,Kindle and iPad e-book formats, “Re-Creating the Cretaceous” will make you not only forget the 13 year wait until 2015, but also the so-so actors and pathetic scripts being foisted upon moviegoers and readers.

         If dinosaurs and the Hollywood film industry aren't your cup of tea and you'd like something more refined and based upon actual historical events, please check out "Chasing the Golden Hoard: The Story of the Lydian Hoard. A Tale of Theft, Repatriation, Greed & Deceit." Based upon the actual theft and smuggling of a 7th century BC archaeological discovery in modern Turkey, its purchase by the all-powerful Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC, and the ensuring six year lawsuit by the Republic of Turkey, "Chasing the Golden Hoard" is a story which exposes the greed of a world-famous museum and its directors, corrupt Turkish officials and museum directors and the shady dealings of antiquties sellers whose only goal is personal gain.  It's also a story which certain NYC lawyers would prefer you not read.

    Both books are published under the pseudonym Kurt M. V. Rich.  Please note also: Both books contain adult level subject matter and are not for younger readers. 

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    This is soooo NOT about Nike shoes...

    Tuesday, January 8, 2013, 11:59 AM [General]

        About six years ago I joined this site when it had some life and interaction.  Along the way, something happened, my account got compromised and then, without notice, I got booted off.  Someone had hacked my account, I was eventually told.  End of membership. Over the intervening months, I came to realise membership here isn't that important unless you wish to interact or make comments. In the intervening years I’ve managed to check the site perhaps once or twice every two or three weeks and have watched it slowly dessicate.  Think of the absolute dryness of the Gobi or Sahara desert.  About six or eight weeks ago I noticed someone began sucking up precious megabits here by posting inane and looooong, meandering comments daily about Nike shoes and other types of athletic footwear.  Who has the time or interest to read this mess which appears almost daily?  Five or six years ago, the managers of this site would have cut this guy off at the knees and cancelled his account after posting one or two of these rambling, nonsensical…and outright insulting…spam missives.  It says something about this site that it's eroded so badly that the posting of such seemingly endless and meaningless dreck is continually permitted.  Who gives a rat's derriere about these shoes and/or the author's idiotic babblings about them?

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