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    I would like to start off by saying that the main intention of this group is to be supportive and understanding.

    I would like for this group to become a place where questions can be answered, experiences can be shared, shoulders can be cried on, advice given and recieved in a loving way, and most of all friends can be made.

     Thank you all for being here. My name is Jamie and my husband Theo (he is also a member here) is currently enduring severe chronic pain due to a work related accident. He is facing the decision to either amputate his left leg below the knee or find a conjunction of pain relief by way of fusion, nerve blocks and meds. However, due to the continuing degenerative bone density, increasing arthritic condition and nerve/soft tissue damage, fusion no longer seem hopeful. 

    We are here because this is affecting our lives so quickly and so drasticly. We are so thankful for finding Less Than Four.

    It has been very difficult to be going through this and no matter how much love and support we are finding through eachother, our friends, family and doctors, knowing that there is a community here that understands exactly what we may be going through first hand is so comforting. The support and inspiration we have found here in such a short amount of time has been positively overwelming.

    We are very thankful for having the ability to ask questions and find out real answers from others here who share in what we are facing.

    After doing some basic exploring, I have found that, very similar to myself, there are people here who are not amputees but who are a relative, friend or significant other of someone who is.

    I have also noticed that some are people who have, or are looking to devote themselves to helping, like physical therapists, prosthesis technicians, and disability councelors for special needs.

    Some people even seem to be unsure about how to go about adressing others here, because they are not amputees themselves, and do not wish to make others here feel uncomfortable.

    Theo and I felt that perhaps having an open and non-judgemental place for discussion would be benificial to some people and families.

     I know for myself I would be very thankful to get the chance to meet other people here that know what it is like to love someone who is an amputee, has become an amputee, or who is facing becoming an amputee.

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    has anyone ever used a C leg and a Ceterus foot in combination?

    August 7, 2010
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