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Does anybody else...

Does anybody ever walk on the "feet" attached to our prosthetic legs? I want to take off the shoes when they're dirty, and walk around the house barefoot again. What about in the water? I have these water "sleeves" to wear and they're OK, but clumsy. They'd be less clumsy if I didn't wear the shoes on the feet under them, but I'm afraid to go barefoot under them for balance reasons. Can we balance on those feet? The prosthetics guy doesn't advise it.What about walking on our stumps? Dawn here told me about walking on them with special socks, but my prosthetics people here say that's only for above the knee amputees. I have several inches left below my knees and see no reason why I couldn't toughen up the stumps & walk on them if I want to.So many questions. No one else would know the answers, but us.Oh, what about walking distances?  I can walk across my yard, and I've walked on a long fishing pier taking a break in the middle, but I haven't been able to walk very far down my street yet.  There are no benches or any place to sit if I need to, so I don't want to get stuck away from home & nowhere to flop! How long does it take to work up to walking 1/4 mile or so? Any comments?