Location: Tennessee
    Your Disability hemipelvectomy
    How long have you been an amputee? 2-5 years
    How did you become disabled? pleomorphic sarcoma
    What type(s) of prosthesis do you use? not applicable
    About Me Married almost 40 years to a wonderful guy. We have four now-grown daughters, four grandsons, and two granddaughters.
    Music I play organ, piano, violin - thank God I had to lose my leg and not my arm!
    Movies Gone With The Wind, Wizard of OZ, Catwoman, all James Bond movies.
    TV NCIS, Burn Notice, Royal Pain, Young & Restless.
    Books Bible, historical romances.
    Likes motorcycling or cruising with my husband; Mustangs (four wheeled & four legged) seeing new places, time with our family.
    Dislikes people acting like they don't see me, or turning fast and going the other direction - like I'm contageous!
    Hobbies cross stitching, crocheting, researching family ancestry, playing boardgames with the grandchildren and swimming.
    Heroes my husband.

    fighting again

    Thursday, December 15, 2011, 9:12 PM [General]

    I have joined Sarcoma Foundation of America so that someday someone will discover a cure for Soft Tissue Sarcoma.  As of now, it's often too progressed for a cure.  Dangers are surviving the amputation/recovery, then two-, five-, and ten-year marks of hitting there without recurrence.  In my case, I was at the two year mark this month; CT and then biopsy proved recurrence in a lung.  I don't know how many have gotten one, or two or more recurrences, but I do know that of other types of Cancer, it has been fought - and won- from more than one time through it.  I won't give up hope.

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    cancer again?

    Monday, December 5, 2011, 3:18 PM [General]

    Right at two year celebrating of no return of cancer and just got hit with a bad CT report.

    Surgery recomended as first step with Vandy drs. (after some cardio testing), oncologist says biopsy first.  Approved the biopsy route - scheduled for tomorrow.

    Made it hopping onto organ platform and bench at church yesterday and played the invitation hymn, then after closing prayer, played "The First Noel" with the chimes setting on organ.  I must have stunned some of the congregation - they didn't sing the first verse of the invitation!  It was really good to be up there playing again.  My daughter Alexandra shares my amusement for performance entertaining.

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    Hi Suzan, I have been told that recovery is around 1 year. It sounds like we both had surgery around the same time. I am driving, but I lost a left leg and it's pretty much the same to drive as before the surgery. I have a TiLite wheelchair that is an Ultralight but is still very heavy. I am currently getting around on the hospital issue Drive aluminum crutches and learning to walk with a C-Leg and Helix hip. It is a near impossible task but I really want to give it my best try before I give up on it. I will leave you my email and a FB account if you want to talk further. I am not always on this site. I look forward to more conversation. -Ray

    August 29, 2010
    10:45 PM
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